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You know I like to get crazy so my blogs will be really fun to read. Unless you want some of my hidden desires, which can also be arranged. Just let me know.

How about a meet and greet? Date: Oct 14th @ 7:28am EDT
Hey guys,

I am really excited to be back and I really want to meet all of you. I want us to get to know each other because the best way to pleasure is through your brain.

Well, you know I am a girl who is full of energy and I promise I will make my show very fun and enjoyable. As always.

Anyway, for all those of you who want to see me in a show, whether you already know me or not, you are welcome. Come and say hi.

I am waiting for you on Thursday, 19 October at 3 AM EST. Get to know and see more of Kiarra. I love to entertain you.
follow me Date: Oct 11th @ 5:52am EDT
Hello everyone, just wanted to let you guys know I *finally* set my twitter account, you can follow me @Kiarra_Fox
Doll House Date: Oct 9th @ 10:15am EDT
Hello guys,

My first scheduled show is taking place soon! I am so excited and I want you all to come.

I wanted to make it doll house themed. What does that mean?

Have you ever wondered what happens if a doll wakes up to life? Unlock the door of the sweetest doll house on F4F and let's explore it together.

I am waiting for you with lot of love and desire. Can't wait to see you. Kisses.
Kiarra Facts 101 *part 1* Date: Oct 8th @ 1:38am EDT
I have decided to share with you guys some facts about me so you get to know me better and who knows, maybe we got in common more than you know.

1. I was born on 24th of June so im cancerian when it comes to zodiac.That means im the best and kindest person to chat casually with. I find it very easy to understand people and that makes me really friendly.

2. I am mostly either really bossy and classy or enthusiastic and playful. Either way the right words can persuade me to be nicer or naughtier, its all up to you

3. I am a great pizza enthusiast, my favorite one is hot spicy one

4.i Am a spoiled lady, I love receiving gifts so if you feel like making me happy then just ask ask how you can purchase me pretty gifts that i will receive and probably cry of happiness haha

5. I love tattoos as you can see on my body, and of course i want more. I like them big tattoos mostly black and white.

6.I own a cat named Pudding Flee, 1 year old and my absolute love so far haha. I just love animals and consider becoming a vet one day. Also im looking forward to getting myself a Doberman puppy (if you wanna help me with it check the TIP TARGET on my profile).

6. when it comes to clothing you may have noticed I wear clothes as black as my ex\\\'s heart, that\\\'s because i find beauty in the darkness. I love punk-rock and goth clothing and my favorite brand is Killstar.

7. when it comes to naughty thoughts I am doing a shout out to all the kinky people out there. come all, come along and show me how naughty and wild you can be

8. when it comes to sex toys i mostly prefer my tip vibrators, you all guys know how sensitive i am and how the tips get me shaking

For now thats all I will let you know, a little something everyday.

If anything you have read above appeals to you then don\\\'t hesitate to add me to favorites and come running to say \\\'\\\'hi\\\'\\\', i don\\\'t bite , i promise
Schedule shows! Date: Mar 16th @ 7:03pm EDT
I hope you all stay tuned and get ready for my girst schedule shows! It will be a blast! I hope you will join me and have a ton of fun! Check the calendar on the site and be there!
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