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You know I like to get crazy so my blogs will be really fun to read. Unless you want some of my hidden desires, which can also be arranged. Just let me know.

February Scheduled Shows Date: Feb 7th @ 8:14am EST
Hello Hello people!

Kiarra has some love for you in this month and I am counting on you giving me your love, too. I need to collect some bad ass hearts during this 6-day promo and you can help me. I have organized show specially for that. Of course, there will be prizes for the top three givers during the promo! Let's go, my plan looks like this:

Friday, 9 February - 2PM-4 PM EST
Saturday, 10 February - 10 AM-12 PM EST
Sunday, 11 February - 10 AM-12 PM EST
Monday, 12 February - 1 PM-3 PM EST
Tuesday, 13 February - 10 AM-12 PM EST

Let's play!
Fetish Training Date: Nov 18th @ 9:47am EST
Wooo Hooo guys! Another Fetish Training class for you! Just for you!

You're so lucky, guys! Not many opportunities such as these come along everyday, you know!

So, if you enjoyed our last Fetish Training, you simply must join us for this one, too. There is always something new to learn. Trust me, I am still learning and exploring. It's fun!

I will be with my friend, the fabulous Mistress Laurette DeVille, again. She simply knows how to teach. Perfection is her middle name.

So, if you're interested, come join us on Friday, 24 November at 4 PM EST. Bring your pen and paper. We have the rest! ;)
Come meet me and get to know me better Date: Nov 17th @ 7:11pm EST
Don't be shy I dont bite. Just a crazy transylvanian girl looking for the fun of her life and for a partner to share it with
What if I'm crazy, the best people are Date: Nov 14th @ 8:12pm EST
I'm nothing like you have seen before. A total riot, wild and burning like a fire ready to take over the world.
Im mostly a happy person looking for fun and more important for the right partner to have it with. If i got you curious step into my chatroom and let me show you how sweet it can be to become a sinner ;)
Fetish Training Date: Nov 14th @ 6:41am EST
Hey guys,

Another duo show is on its way! Mistress Laurette DeVille and me are offering another Fetish Training! Curious enough? Come on in!

So, what will we do? Like last time, we will try to teach you to become perfect in a fetish you like the most. Also, if you're like me and you like experimenting, we can offer you just that! Discover amazing lengths with us! You won't regret it. We are the best of the best.

And you know it!

So bring your pen and paper and take notes! Sing up for our class on Friday, 17 November at 4 PM EST and we'll teach you all you need to know! Be there!
Duo Show: Fetish training Date: Nov 9th @ 6:38am EST
Hey guys,

I am so excited for my first duo show! It is with Laurette DeVille! Amazing! You will have the chance to learn from the true Mistress! She is the best, trust me!

You already know how crazy I am and how much I like to experiment, so this is a perfect opportunity for me. Can you imagine? We will have so much fun learning new things and exploring our sexuality and our desires.

So, if this spiked your interest, join us this Saturday, 11 November at 4 PM EST. Take your pen and papers out and take some notes. I am sure it will be useful for you in the future!
Unforgettable Moments in My Show Date: Oct 26th @ 7:49am EDT
Heeeey you,

What do you say about another one of classic Kiarra shows? I offer you unforgettable moments and a lot of fun time. Something you have never experienced before. And you know how it goes with me.

I am a fun and positive girl and you need my kind of vibe in your life. You need me. So, I needed to do something nice for you, of course.

With that being said, I will have an unforgettable show just for you. Everyone is invited and welcome. When? Next Thursday, 2 November at 3 AM EST. Where? My room in Live Cams Mansion of Flirt4Free, of course. :)

Don't miss it. You and I both know you are so excited to spend time with me. Kiarra loves you guys!
Halloween Party Date: Oct 24th @ 6:45am EDT
Hey there,

Halloween is almost here. Ready to party with us? We know we are.

I can't wait to let my craziest self out that night. That's what Halloween is all about, right?

Don't be afraid to join us.

We are waiting for you on Friday, 27 October at 1 PM EST. Ready to get burning up? We are ready!
Fun Fun Fun Date: Oct 20th @ 7:20am EDT
Hey guys,

I am back with a new scheduled show and I just know you will love it!

I am that girl who is always full of energy and who always likes to have fun. And I like to share that energy with you. So, how about you come to my room and you will see what I am talking about.

I will make the best atmosphere you can imagine. We will have fun fun fun and you will want to come back for more. I promise that.

If you're interested, join me on Thursday, 26 October at 3 AM EST and let's have a good time. Kiarra loves you XXXX
Flirt Babes Party Date: Oct 18th @ 4:10am EDT

I am taking part in one of the famous Flirt Babes Party this Saturday. How exciting, right? I can't wait to have fun with my girls. We are waiting for you.

It's a perfect opportunity for me to present my crazy side and for you to get to know me better. I am eager to start dancing!!! Let's heat up.

When? This Saturday, 21 October at 10 AM EST. Let's get that hear rate going from the very morning. We love to entertain you. X
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